Tiger By The Tail (LP) | DELETED

Dave Thomas from BORED! returns after a while when we didn´t know what he was doing. Well, this is the first album of his new band, TIGER BY THE TAIL. Here he is surrounded by members of THE SAILORS and JOHNNY CASINO´S EASY ACTION, and they cannot help showing their love for the worlds of “youth of America” WIPERS, as well as for the most eclectic SONIC YOUTH or DINOSAUR JR. All of it mixed with the genuine and brutal sound of BORED!, of course.

This way, we have to face a revelation of the Australian scene in the dirtiest and most guitar energy sound. Hopefully we´ll be able to see them among us in Europe shortly. Don´t miss this record which his the result of the cooperation in between Bang! Rcds. and Funhouse Rcds. (U.K. ex Cargo Rcds.).

As usual, deluxe gatefold limited edition vinyl and CD. Bang! guarantee, mate…