The Voyeurs (CD) | Order it!!

Brian Henry Hooper (THE BEASTS OF BOURBON, KIM SALMON AND THE SURREALISTS). Any need to say more? … YES! The only thing to be added about this magnificent Australian musician is that in year 2000 he decided to stop being at the back of the picture, to become the main actor of the film. And so he kept the movie.

Now in 2004, and after an unfortunate accident that kept him partially paralized for more than 4 months, with a lot of time to think, he decides to give us, his fans, the oprtunity of listening to this musical jewel. This records is hard to describe… swamp lounge, maybe. It´s sexy, decadent and bluesy. It´s like having a drink at the bar of a desert whorehouse, while you sweat and the American bar girl dances in front of you covered in glitter, all among the cigarretes smoke and the smell of whyskey. The supporting band is made by members of the band that those days used to do a kind of swamp pop. LUXEDO. This band left a legacy of cult in their natal Melbourne. Once again BANG! RECORDS is going to make things difficult for you, and presents a limited edition of 500 LPs 220gr red vinyl and gatefold. As well as 950 CDs. Don´t miss it, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy in a near future to get yourself a copy of it. That´s for sure.