El peligro Ha Comenzado (LP) | DELETED

“PROSODY”….That was the name of the most powerful Australian high energy rock’n’roll album from the late 90s. With that record, THE YES-MEN gave the world a lesson in great rock’n’roll. Unfortunately they stayed as “the next big thing”, due to a drugs overdose in 2001 which took frontman Sean Greenway away. Greenway (GOD, FREELOADERS), was the leader and songwriter of this super band, in which members such as Tim Hemmensley (GOD, BORED!, POWDER MONKEYS) and Stewart “Leadfinger” Cunningham (PROTON ENERGY PILLS, BROTHER BRICK, ASTEROID B612, CHALLENGER 7) also played. BANG! RECORDS is pleased to present to you “El Peligro ha Comenzado” in limited deluxe gatefold vinyl edition (only 500 copies), a rare jewel of rock’n’roll. “El Peligro ha Comenzado” is where THE YES-MEN expose at their highest intensity, those recordings that never saw the light of day.

This is a collector´s item that the band has decided to title in Spanish, rare and unreleased tracks for you to own. The last release ever by this great unknown band also includes amazing covers of songs by the SEX PISTOLS and RADIO BIRDMAN, as well as an excellent collection of their own unreleased tracks, which show us why it is so disappointing we will never be able to see one of the best 100% Australian R´N´R bands ever. The Yes Men were one of the HELLACOPTERS favourite bands and a big influence on them. They helped to organise the European release of “Prosody” and tried to bring them to Europe for a tour, before the fatal story ended. Don´t miss the chance of getting this record, that has since become a collector´s item. You have been advised. LAST COPIES!!!