OK, OK, let´s go by parts…

Already available:

– THE DREAM SYNDICATE “The day before wine and roses”, 2LP, second pressing.

– BORED! “Scuzz”, 2LP.

Coming veeeeeery soon!:

– JEFFREY LEE PIERCE (The Gun Club): “Ramblin´ Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove with Willie Love”, 2LP.


– THE APE (Tex Perkins), LP.

– NEW CHRISTS: “Distemper”, LP.

Special mention for…:

*THE BEASTS OF BOURBON “30 years on borrowed time”, 3LP.

 photo f8eae078-bdf5-4378-8092-de3209fb4747.jpg

This is, with no doubt, the craziest project we have entered. And we requested!!!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the best rock bands in history of music we are proud to announce the insane release of a triple vinyl live album of The Beasts Of Bourbon in limited deluxe edition.

These are 3 different concerts done during 2013 with their 3 different lineups:

Original lineup: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Boris Sujdovic, James Baker.

The low road lineup: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Brian Hooper, Tony Pola.

Current lineup: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Charlie Owen, Brian Hooper, Tony Pola.

This is an absolutely necessary document where feedback ,loud feedback and low swamp rock bleed from the vinyl grooves.

*THE DRONES “Miller´s daughter”, 2LP.

 photo c5a7e7b5-e477-4543-928b-55e60fc6cc2f.png

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this record release, and since this was originally released on a very limited edition in vinyl back in the day, we are more than happy to announce the reissue of this The Drones gem which included a cover of John Lennon´s “well, well, well” which was only available in the original vinyl pressing.

Previously unseen pics and revised artwork make of it a dream for The Drones fans.

And the oven is getting ready for…

– WOMAN, LP (2nd album by these NYC monsters of noise and swamp feedback!).

– KIM + LEANNE (Kim Salmon), LP (new project by Kim Salmon with Leanne Chock as well from The Scientists!!!).

– THE CHROME CRANKS “Dirty airplay: Radio session WMBR, Boston 1994”, LP.

– TEX PERKINS & THE DARK HORSES “Everyone´s alone”, LP.


– FIVE DOLLAR PRIEST, LP (3rd album, featuring members of Speedball Baby, Wobbly Organ, Swans & Mercury Rev).

– And more surprises to be delivered during next year!

We´ll be delivering more details and information as news and records see the light.

Hey, this is a good way to enter Xmas, right????

Orders and info at: shop@munsterama.com

Be welcome to checking www.munsterama.com for available back catalogue.

Happy 2014!!!