BANG! Records news: Forthcoming releases during 2011:


Complete recordings of this 90s band from Perth, Australia, where The Drones and The Kill Devil Hills came from.

An ultra violent sonic trip moving free among Drones, Scientists and Birthday Party sounds.

THE GUN CLUB “Lucky Jim” LP:

Re-issue of this, impossible to find nowadays, vinyl classic from legendary American band The Gun Club.

This is Jeffrey Lee Pierce´s last recording. And it sounds dark, sad and intense as only this genius could do in his last musical adventure.


Yes! This record exists! It was recorded in Seattle 15 years ago and now, for the first time, it sees the light.

What to say?: Kim Salmon & Mudhoney together! You can guess the rest…

NEW CHRISTS “Lower yourself” 2LP:

Released for the 1st time on vinyl, this mighty album form the 90s has been remastered under the control of Rob Younger.

A powerful block of sonic hazzard between high energy and dark sounds, like only Maestro Rob Younger knows how to do.


2nd album from this NYC band featuring members of Speedball Baby, Mercury Rev, etc.

Free jazz, hypnotic loopy sounds and dirty rock from the gutters of Manhattan.

BLOODLOSS “Lost my head fro drink” LP:

This record has been kept hidden for years and now, finally, it is released.

Recorded in the 90s, this is the lost album of this magnificent American-Australian band featuring members of Mudhoney and Lubricated Goat.

Mastered by Mark Arm (Mudhoney) this is a true extreme mix of sonic garage and swamp blues.


After the warm welcome recieved by the critic with “fuzz machine”, Boris Sujdovic (Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon, Dubrovniks) follows up his ultra sonic distortion and melodic trip with this new album.

Killer sounds of fuzz, reverb and distortion. A mix of the sound of the Scientists with the melodies of the Dubrovniks.

And there are more coming…