*** THE WIPERS “Rarities”, 2LP

Finally on official viniyl release the bootleg from more than 25 years ago, based on the original recordings and with new mastering.

2 LPs full of THE WIPERS rarities, including their almost impossible to find first single from 1978 “better off dead”!.

 photo a73e3c46-0053-44af-b2d2-40e8945f81a2.jpg

*** KIM SALMON “My script”, 2LP

Here is the new album by Australian living legend KIM SALMON.

In this occasion Kim Salmon presents his versatility in the shape of minimal sounds ala Kim Salmon & The Surrealists with a strong base of UK Glam kind of Slade and T-Rex, crossing his way with the melodies of The Only Ones, all of it with the unique personal stamp of Kim Salmon.

This double LP, presented in gatefold jacket, melts from its grooves music which will be immediately recognized by the fans of Kim Salmon all over the world since it´s composing, playing and performing is 100% Kim Salmon.

 photo 13c104db-45d4-4c10-a8e0-0282b16ea731.jpg

*** BORED! “Bleed”, 2LP

YES!!!!! We have no words to express the honor we feel to do reference BANG!-LP100 by the hand of BORED! with their unreleased album from the early 90s which sounds as wild as BORED! is. It makes our hats fly off from our heads!

Pure brutality of sound, feedback and distortion from one the most important and influential Australian bands!

 photo f1f4dacf-3118-4595-ab62-f0934801d6b8.jpg

*** THE CELIBATE RIFLES “5 languages”, LP

Finally a vinyl reissue of their classic 2nd album from 1984, presented in a deluxe edition and remastered.


*** ROWLAND S. HOWARD “Autoluminescent / Ocean” SG.

 photo 406e2e0b-619c-47d4-a08d-ea00fc645e44.jpg

*** THE KILL DEVIL HILLS “Heathen songs”, LP

 photo 6d2cc8ca-05c0-405b-ab57-01383577350a.jpg


*** THE GUN CLUB “Mother Berlin”, LP

*** THE DREAM SYNDICATE “Weathered and torn”, LP

*** GRANT HART (HÜSKER DÜ) “Ecce homo”, LP

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