After signing JERRY TEEL & THE BIG CITY STOMPERS (to be released March 2008), BANG! Rcds. continues the NYC adventure and has got into an agreement with FIVE DOLLAR PRIEST.

FIVE DOLLAR PRIEST sounds like a trip on acid of NYC blues crossed with Pere Ubu and the angriest Birthday Party (as if it helped to get an idea of what it sounds like…).

This new band is formed by members coming from bands like Speedball Baby, Swans, Pussy Galore, Chrome Cranks etc. (not bad, uh?).

Check the links section for their myspace and their music.

Of course we don´t forget about the Australian madmen and soon we´re releasing stuff such as BRIAN HENRY HOOPER, THE SCOUNDRELLES, LEADFINGER, KILL DEVIL HILLS, HUGO RACE & TRUE SPIRIT, JAMES McCANN, SPENCER P. JONES, BEASTS OF BOURBON, JOEL SILBERSHER etc, etc, etc.

Just like always, BANG! Rcds. guarantees THE CREAM OF THE CRAP!!!