During the following months BANG! Records will be releasing on vinyl, among other records:

– MONKEYWRENCH “Gabriel´s horn” LP (Seattle´s finest featuring Mark Arm and Steve Turner from Mudhoney, Tim Kerr from Big Boys, Martin Bland from Bloodloss and Lubricated Goat and tom Price of the U-Men).

– SCIENTISTS “Rubber never sleeps” 2LP (finally this rare album relelased only on limited cassette in the 80s sees the light of day remastered and with liner notes by Kim Salmon and the rest of Scientists!).

– THE GUN CLUB “Pastoral hide & seek” LP (reissue of this classic featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers, with bonus track).

– BORED! “Junk” LP (only released on cd back in the day, finally this monster rock record is released on vinyl. Killer guitars and highest energy by one of our favorite Australian bands ever!).

– FIREWORKS “Lit up” LP (At last this piece of cream of the crop of NY 90s lo-fi and distortion released on vinyl! Like Pussy Galore covering The Cramps and Honeymoon Killers covering The Scientists. Absolutely extreme dirty and nasty sounds for the most exigent ears).


…and more soon!

Already available:


– THE YES-MEN “Prosody” LP

In 2 weeks:

– THE CHROME CRANKS “Ain´t no lies in blood” LP