Ladies and Gentlemen, ask Mum and Dad for some money because you will need it for concert tickets and records.

Check this!:

*** THE GUN CLUB “Mother Juno”, LP.

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This wonderful THE GUN CLUB record from 1987, featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers, will finally be reissued on vinyl with bonus tracks in deluxe edition.

More news about it soon!

*** JEFFREY LEE PIERCE “Wildweed”, LP.

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Magnum opus in his solo career, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, leader of THE GUN CLUB recorded this wonder during the mid 80s and finally sees the light reissued on vinyl with bonus tracks in deluxe edition!

More news about it soon!

*** THE DRONES “I see seaweed”, 2LP & European tour.

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THE DRONES will be touring Europe again during July 2014! It has been many years since we had the chance of seeing them live around the Old World out of the massive enviroment of big festivals.

Iin order to celebrate it we are proud to announce the release of their absolutely brilliant latest album “I see seaweed” on vinyl and CD.

It will soon be available at shops and on tour.

Tour dates to be announced very soon. Stay alert!!!

*** THE APE – European tour.


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After quite a few years, Tex Perkins will be visiting Europe again. He will be touring Europe with his latest project, THE APE, next June 2014.

Record is already available. Please check with your regular record dealer or link below.

Tour dates to be announced very soon. Stay alert!!!

Already available:


– THE DRONES “The miller´s daughter”, 2LP.

– JEFFREY LEE PIERCE “Ramblin´ Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove with Willie Love”, 2LP.


Coming out very soon:

– THE DRONES “I see seaweed”, 2LP/CD.

– KIM & LEANNE (KIM SALMON) “True west”, LP.

– THE NEW CHRISTS “Distemper”, LP.

– THE BEASTS OF BOURBON “30 years on borrowed time”, 3LP.

– TEX PERKINS & THE DARK HORSES “Everyone´s alone”, LP.

– THE CHROME CRANKS “Dirty airplay”, LP.

And more nice and loud surprises coming soon!!!

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