For the very first time THE GUN CLUB´s “Ahmed´s wild dream” will be released on vinyl on a deluxe edition.

Featuring recordings done in Europe in 1993 with line up including Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers, this album compiles the best sellection of tracks from The Gun Club´s all albums, plus some awesome covers and demos.

Track listing

1. Masterplan

2. Walking With The Beast

3. I Hear Your Heart Singin’

4. Another Country’s Song

5. Sexbeat

6. Lupita Screams

7. Go Tell The Mountain

8. Preachin’ The Blues

9. Stranger In Town

10. Goodbye Johnny

11. Port Of Souls

12. Black Hole

13. Little Wing

14. Yellow Eyes

15. Humanesque

16. Pastoral Hide And Seek

Released under license on Creeping Ritual Productions.