*** EBBOT LUNDBERG & THE INDIGO CHILDREN “The immaculate concept”, LP:

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And more action from Sweden! Mr Ebbot Lundberg himself (leader of UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS and THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES) is currently working with his new project, Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children, following the melodic and pshychedelic stelle of TSOOL. In this occasion Mr. Lundberg is presenting in this album a collection of singles and EP`s as well as unreleased tracks. Incredible melodies and highest quality sounds for experimented ears. :

*** THE NOMADS “Stagger in the snow”, 2LP: :

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And even more Sweden monsters coming out on Bang! !!!! Watch out! This THE NOMADS recording was released only in cassette and in Sweden back in 1984. : Newly remastered and presented in deluxe gatefold vinyl edition with liner notes by the band. Beware, this is, by far, the rawest and wildest sounds of THE NOMADS as they were back in 1984!!! Ultra wild stuff!!!   


*** GALLON DRUNK “The rotten mile”, LP.

*** WOVENHAND “wovenhand”, LP.

*** JEFFREY LEE PIERCE “Wildweed”, LP.

*** FIVE DOLLAR PRIEST “Eyes injected with love”, LP.


*** KIM SALMON & THE SURREALISTS “Ya gotta let me do my thing”, 2LP.

*** THE CELIBATE RIFLES “Sideroxylon”, LP. 

And more news soon… :

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